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Re: [IP] Re: changing lancets

 I have been testing b/s and taking shots for over 22 years and I think I 
might change the lancet every 4 or 5 months. or when it gets to the point 
that I have to poke my finger more then once to get a drop of blood. I am the 
only person who is using the thing and in all the years I have never had an 
infection. I do not know about the others but I feel that my fingers are 
clean ( just washed or from a al. wipe ) and when you do as many b/s checks 
as we do you learn what is right for you.As for the shots I had an Endo.and a 
nurse ed. tell me I could use the same needle for a week if I kept it in the 
fridge.I did that for years then I just kept it with my insulin and I have 
never had a problem and I think that if there was a problem with this it 
would find me. The fact that some states do not offer SHARP exchange makes my 
choice even easier.I have not felt that just throwiing them in the trash is 

   This maybe just how I feel, but I some how do not think I am alone.
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