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RE: [IP] Re: Changing Lancets

Honestly, I change my lancet about 4 times a year.  I am the only one who
uses the lancet so there is nothing unhealthy about it and I never get sick.
On the odd occasion I do get sick I will change it until I get better.  So
lets say I use at most 20 a year.

I also reused my syringes when I was on shots for the same reason.  I
actually was encouraged by my endo to so to save money and the environment.
He figured since I was the only one using them there were minimal health
risks.  However, he did recommend changing both once a week.  (My syringes I
changed maybe once a month).

I have never gotten an infection from either in the 21 years of being
diabetic.  But you are right...YMMV.

-- Sherry
Dxd. 8/80
Pumping 12/99  
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