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Re: [IP] Re: Changing Lancets

 wasn't one of the reasons you decided to go on an insulin pump the
> fact that it is healthier for you?  I know it was one of the reasons for me.
> I mean come on, the fact that so many of us post to this message board says
> that we care about our health and well-being and care enough to help others
> out who have questions or concerns.  Don't you think that reusing a lancet
> until it is so dull that you can't even get it into your flesh is ridiculous?
> Maybe you all were kidding, but I have a feeling that many were not.
> Matt in NC

Yo, yo, yo !!!
Take a chill pill, my man! sheesh! a lot of this stuff is a JOKE. Y'know,
HUMOR?? Get a grip fella and smile occasionally. Gives the face a break
don't cha know!

Jenny Sutherland
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