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[IP] Re: Changing Lancets

You people are killing me!  I am completely shocked at what I'm hearing about 
this whole lancet changing thing.  I can't believe some of you use the same 
lancet for weeks or more.  I feel guilty if I don't get any blood from the 
first prick and use the same lancet twice!  I am truly under the belief that 
"to each his or her own" and whatever works for you, go for it.  But, at the 
same time, wasn't one of the reasons you decided to go on an insulin pump the 
fact that it is healthier for you?  I know it was one of the reasons for me.  
I mean come on, the fact that so many of us post to this message board says 
that we care about our health and well-being and care enough to help others 
out who have questions or concerns.  Don't you think that reusing a lancet 
until it is so dull that you can't even get it into your flesh is ridiculous? 
 Maybe you all were kidding, but I have a feeling that many were not.  

Matt in NC

Feel free to tell me how wrong (or right) my opinion may be.
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