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[IP] Implantable insulin pump

I didn't know if this was posted but here it goes.  I was speaking with a
scientist from the old Minimed and he told me the following on the
implantable pump.

Medtronic (MiniMed) has several implantable pumps in humans but they are
>all in Europe.  The pump is still in development stages and should be
>available in the next two years for FDA trials.
>It is a closed loop pump which can read blood sugars and deliver proper
>insulin coverage automatically.  Most likely the patients who will be used
>in the FDA studies will be people who are on the (Medtronic) continuous
>glucose monitoring systems already.
>The pump is the size of a hockey puck and will most likely use U400
>insulin.  It will carry a 3 month supply of insulin that will be re-filled
>by a qualified physician.
>The new company Medtronic specializes in implantable medical devises and
>should be able to produce a very effective pump.
>Ken Bernstein
>Kenneth Bernstein <email @ redacted>
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