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[IP] soft tissue mass

In March of this year I got a bad pump site infection on my upper outer left thigh.  It required 2 rounds of antibiotics and it drained for almost 3 weeks.  After it cleared up I had a little knot under the skin but as time has gone on it is now much bigger and PAINFUL.  In July they did a sono to make sure there wasn't any fluid that needed drained and there wasn't so they opted to watch it feeling that it would resolve itself...at that time it measured 3cm.  Now it is 12 cm and is so very painful.  I can't sleep on that side, my kids can't touch me around that area and after walking awhile I limp.  They still don't see fluid in it and I am schedule for a CAT scan on Thursday.  They feel relatively sure it is in the soft tissue only.   Has anyone experienced this after a pump site infection?  I am now beginning to feel very paranoid.  Thanks for any input.

type 1
pump 7/00
email @ redacted

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