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Re: [IP] Tape suggestions?

HI Ellen,

  When my Joshua, age 9.5+, started pumping almost 2 years ago we couldn't 
find anything to help keep his sites on him.  Then we heard, through this 
list, about Mastisol liquid adhesive (some here call it liquid GOLD).  We are 
having great results thanks to this stuff.  HEre are some places you can go 
to get some.:
    Ferndale Labs  1-888-548-0900  www.ferndalelabs.com  they make Mastisol
    WFR Aquaplast Corp  1-800-526-5247  www.WFR-Aquaplast.com
In Canada you can get it at Respircare  1-800-267-6352
Also, you can request a sample of this from MM IF you have an MM pump.  They 
turned me down when I was in the process of trying to get some 2 years ago.  
We don't have an MM pump!

I prep the site with IVPrep and fan it a little to get tacky, then apply the 
M. with a QTip in a circle, leaving the center clear of M for insertion.  Fan 
again to allow to get sticky and then insert.  Josh has played in our hot tub 
for an hour and the edges don't even come up.  IT will work with any type of 

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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