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Re: [IP] Re: sleeping

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Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2001 4:40 PM
Subject: [IP] Re: sleeping

> Most pumpers seem to do fine with just letting the pump lie loose in the
> with them.  After 9 months of pumping we still have not found a good
> for Cory.  It gets wrapped around his waist and a few times it's even been
> wrapped around his neck.  I've tried attaching it to the blankets - he
> manages to get tangled up.  On several ocassions the site has pulled out
> during the night.

When I sleep, I manage to tie the tubing up in knots and it's wrapped around
me, and sometimes around the cats who sleep with me. Sometimes it ends up on
the floor.But I've never had a set pull out, or had interrupted delivery in
2 1/2 years on the pump.

I think it's less likely to pull out if you DON'T attach it to anything --
if it goes under him, and he's uncomfortable, he'll just wake up enough to
move it and never remember in the morning.

One thing that might help prevent getting it wrapped around his neck is to
put it at knee level or below when he goes to sleep. Then, if it wraps,
it'll more likely go around his waist. But I haven't had any problems with
that -- it's like a little dog on a leash and just follows wherever I go.

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