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Re: [IP] Re: Driving

Thomas Beatson wrote:
> Kathy Bruckmeyer wrote:  If you can prove that you have good b.g.
> control and check your b.g. often then there is no reason why they
> would deny you a license.
> Yes , there is a reason. The person who complained about this
> treatment admitted to us that she had lied on her application. Maybe
> you don't think that telling a lie in this situation is serious, but
> obviously the RMV (or whatever) thinks it is serious, and I agree with
> them. She is now suffering the consequences of telling a lie when she
> answered the question on the application. I'll bet they have a very
> reasonable way of handling applicants who haven't been detected as
> lying, but it's too late for that. Watch out.
> Tom Beatson
> dx 1942, pump 1995

Now wait a minute.  If the question was "do you have diabetes" or "do you have a
medical condition that might affect your driving ability", then the answer would
be Yes.  But the question was stated as "do you have any disabilities", and my
answer to that is NO!

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