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Re: [IP] Help with rash


  Not usre which set you are using.  If you are using one of the Sof-Sets or 
Quick SEts it could be that the canula is too long for Ashley and it is 
getting too close to her muscle and irritating it and so the muscle is 
actually pushing the canula out.  If you aren't using this 90 degree angle 
type of set but one of the Sils then it could be the same thing.  The angle 
is too deep, getting too close to muscle and being pushed out.  And it won't 
matter how much tape, glue or anything else you use, it will always get 
pushed out.

  Josh is VERY skinny and we use the 6mm Quick Set (Sof-set before then)  We 
actaully tried the Dis 8mm Ultraflex and it just would not stay in.  It would 
get pushed out.  So it really does make a difference.

  Also, if you can. try using her hiney, the top part.  On skinny kids this 
is usually the best area where there is a bit of fatty tissue and the muscle 
is further away.  Josh now LOVES this site and we get the best results from 
these sites.  Just use the top part of her hiney, right below where it curves 
away from her lower back.  Don't go too low where she is sitting on it.  Josh 
also says that he never feels these sets go in at this spot.  Again I think 
because of the fatty tissue.  But whatever the reason  it sure has made a 
huge difference with his pumping.

  As for the rash, I don't have much to tell you.  There are several products 
out there that can help with this problem.  Fortunately the only problem we 
had was getting the sites to stick.  Now we use Mastisol and things are 

  Hope you can get this all figured out soon!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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