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[IP] about Novolog

> Hi - hope this is the correct way to leave a posting:
> Subject:  Novolog
> Would appreciate it if some people who have started pumping Novolog
> would share their experiences with me.
I have about a half dozen response from people that have tried 
novolog because of humalog problems and/or they must mix velosulin or 
regular with humalog to have it work for them.

All except one have been overwhelmingly positive and most said the 
novolog seemed a little more potent for them -- that may be because 
the humalog does not work well for them, but I'm speculating here. My 
daughter saw a roughly 30% drop in bolus and basal amounts when she 
switched from a mix of H/V to Novlog -- she's 18 and has been pumping 
7 years. The one negative comments stated that the novolog did not 
seem as potent and there was more difficulty with bg control than 
with humalog. I would not discount the possibility that there is a 
distince sub group that has sensitivity to Novolog just as we know 
there is a 5-6% or higher sub group that is sensitive to Humalog.

I'm sure this is one of those YMMV things :-)

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