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[IP] Protecting kidneys

> I'm hoping that your doctor has put you on an ACE inhibitor...it will
> definitely help protect your kidneys and if you can cut your protein
> down to around 30-40 gr. per day you will be doing yourself a huge favor.

Dr. Joe recently posted that ACE inhibitors help 1/3 to half of DMers. I
read that as 1/2-2/3 are not helped. This is not a *definitely*, but a YMMV
= Your Mileage May Vary. I suppose that also translates to: There are no

I was also removed from the low protein diet that endo had me on (51g a day)
by a neph. He said it worked w/rats, & humans aren't rats. I was on it 1-1/2
yrs and still lost 15% function (50% to 35%). I was told in '94 I had 2-6
yrs to need a tx and it's 7 yrs. I did have a run-in w/some lead about 2 yrs
ago which is disaster for kidneys, too.  Again - YMMV(~_^)

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