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Re: [IP] Changing Lancets

At 12:31 PM 10/27/2001, you wrote:
>At 11:30 AM 10/27/2001 Kathy Bruckmeyer wrote:
> >Geez George, please don't tell me you only change your lancet once every six
> >months!  That point would be so very blunt and ouch, ouch, ouch!!!!
> >
> >I change mine once a day, forget about everytime I check b.g....too much
> >bother and cost!
> >
> >I'm wondering why you say you have sore fingers! ;)
>I think an awful lot of us change lancets a whole lot less frequently than 
>that without any bad consequences. I think I change mine about once a 
>month, whether it needs it or not. No problems at all.

I haven't changed mine since the end of June..  still works..  I change it 
once I start to feel the poke.

Brian Carter
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