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Hi - hope this is the correct way to leave a posting:

Subject:  Novolog

Would appreciate it if some people who have started pumping Novolog would 
share their experiences with me.

I have had diabetes for over 38 years, diagnosed at age 21.  No complications 
and no horrible reactions, etc.; however, my BS go up and/or down rapidly.  
I've been pumping Velosulin for the past three years and would like to try 
Novolog so I won't have to wait to eat.  Humalog didn't work well for me.

Saw a new endo this week and asked him to prescribe Novolog.  He gave me some 
samples and said he'd prescribe it, but he didn't think it was such a great 
idea because my A1C was 7.2, and he was happy with that (I would like it 
slightly lower).   Also because i told him that I have probably 6 
reactions/week,but they are easily corrected - no big problems like I used to 
have years ago.  He is concerned that the Novolog will cause more problems 
with reactions.

Have you experienced more reactions after going on Novolog?  Do you have any 
input to add to this?  I'm still trying to decide whether to try it or not, 
but i think I will cause I could always go back on the Velosulin if it didn't 

Thanks.  Phyllis
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