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Re: [IP] A1C question related to BS average

>Kathy Bruckmeyer <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > I know my a1c never show what's really happening because lots of the lows
> > cancel out the highs...
>Actually, it's the HbA1c that *most* tells what's happening regarding
>overall control, and is the prime predictor of future complications.  Our
>daily/hourly BG tests are the approximation.  All of the major research
>(such as DCCT and UKPDS) has and continues to use HbA1c as the measure of
>control.  There's just too much variability in home test meters to be useful
>for prognosis.
>Jim Handsfield
>email @ redacted

Jim, That is a well said and important point. It is the A1c that is the 
most useful measure in predicting long term complications (and ultimately 
quality of life). Routine BG test are important for daily well being and 
decisions making but ultimately we have to manage the A1c results and keep 
them in the desired range if we really want to be "successful".

In terms of the variability of home test meters and the concern some have 
with matching the results of one meter to another or one method to another 
(finger vs. alternate site, or capillary blood vs ISF). If a meter/method 
allows me to make useful decisions about my immediate care (eat or not eat, 
take insulin, etc.) that enables me to routinely feel well and control my 
A1c then it is a useful/successful method. It is not necessary for it to 
match another methods/meters. This is how I utilize forearm blood testing 
and will use ISF devices (GlucoWatch, CGM, others) when they become available.

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