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[IP] Re:Broken shoulder and pumping?

>>> A week ago I broke my left shoulder in two places--the ball and neck of
the shoulder.  It's been pretty difficult navigating 10 bg tests and
numerous shots a day with one hand (thank goodness I have an injector aid)!
Has anyone else pumped or began pumping with a broken shoulder? I'm hoping I
don't have to put off my quest--in  January my insurance
changes and I'll have to pay a much larger portion for the pump!  TIA for
your help! Ruth Stingley>>>


If you are asking about pumping w/a broken *bone*, after pumping 4 yrs I
broke my rt. foot. I had to double my basals for abt 6 wks so I injected
boluses to conserve pump insulin. W/my surgery rt now, I'm almost dblg
basals to have better control. I hope u can pump now as better control will
promote better healing. YMMV (~_^)

Hope u get the pump now even if u r unable to start it's use.

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