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[IP] Ashleys rash problem

Hi all,
  Just wanted to thank everyone for all the replies I got to my original 
post.  So many nice people on this list:-)  I called Minimed & spent about 30 
minutes with a rep discussing rash problem & bent canulas.  Also took Ashley 
to see her doctor this afternoon.  For the rash the man was not very helpful. 
 He actually told me there was nothing more they can do for me.  That I had 
exhausted their solutions.  I had inserted a new set on Ashley last night in 
her fanny area.  Was doing really well until this evening & we were almost 
500 again.  So I took it out.  We might have a bad batch of insertion sets.  
The man from Minimed said they were going to send me a new box.  That we 
should not have 4 bent canula's in a row.  So I should get the new box 
Anyway so I went ahead & tried the sandwich method this evening on Ashleys 
upper fanny.  We will see how it is doing by tomorrow.  Her doctor was 
concerned about the rash & suggested a couple of creams for it.  I told him 
about all the help I was getting from you guys & he was really pleased:-)
It helped so much to get all the emails from people who understood what I am 
going through.  Made me feel less frustrated & not so alone.  Thank you so 
much for that!!!
I will let you know how we make out in the next couple of days.

 Kim...........Mom of Ashley 10 yrs old(diabetic for 5 years & pumping 
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