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[IP] more problems with infusion sets leaking

Well today I changed my set, using the new infusion
set I had gotten before and an older resevoir from
another order since mm did not replace those when we
discovered the problem before.  So I went to my Dr.'s
appt. and they tested me and I was 236 - no reason for
that (other than the aliens that magically place
glucose in our bloodstream :) So when I got the car I
checked for a leak and voila - there was on - as well
as the cannula being crimped when I pulled it out.  I
have had enough - maybe mm is making crappier product
but I nver had problems for the first two years of
pumping!  So now I'm high put in a new set and will
have to stay up late to make sure it is owrking. 
Called MM and spoke to the same kind soul that helped
me last time.  I really would like to get pregnant
again but I can't in good confidence if these problems
continue!  If any one has any feedback or suggestions
I would appreciate then greatly - Christa

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