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[IP] Re: Tom and cataract surgery

Replying to email @ redacted (Barbara) message of Fri, 26 Oct 2001 
10:24:02 -0400:

>From your description it sounds like there is a significant difference
in the technique and probably the equipment that was used in your case
compared to mine. I have talked to several people (not IP) who
described the restrictions that had been placed on them. It's
beginning to look like I have been fortunate in my choice of surgeon.

You asked if I had to wear a patch. No, I didn't. For about 24 hours
the vision in that eye was quite blurred, but I think most of the
blurring was caused by the dilation of the iris, which took about 24
hours to wear off. Although I'm not personally concerned about makeup,
I notice that the only instruction about makeup in the page of printed
instructions that was given to me is "Ladies may wear eye makeup after
three days."

I have been nearsighted for 55 years. The old correction for this eye
is not perfect, but it's reasonably close. Reading through bifocals
also is not perfect but reasonably close. Also it now appears that the
steroids in the drops that I have to take four times a day for six
weeks are NOT having a significant effect on my BG. I plan to resume
my bicycle riding on Sunday morning. The club I ride with has a
destination that will cover somewhere between 20 and 30 miles.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, pump 1995
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