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re: [IP] Help with rash

Hi Kim,

  Sorry about the problems Ashley is having with
rashes and sets staying in.  I had similar problems
also.  Minimed sent me samples of different tape to
use w/ the softsets.  Thru trial and error I have
found that either the IV 3000 or polyskin tapes work
and protect my skin if I apply it first then put the
softset thru it and the use the IV 3000 (with the hole
in the middle) over the set to keep it in.  I can't
use the other tape that comes with the softset at all,
not even on top of the other tape because it is
extremely irritating to me. 
  Last week I received the quicksets and so far they
are great.  The quicksets have a paper/cloth type of
tape already attached and I don't have to use anything
else to keep them on.  I have been able to prep the
site area with just a plain alcohol swab and stick the
set on.  Also I have been using my hips and upper
thighs because after about a day and a half, the sets
don't stay in my stomach well.  
  Hope this info is helpful to you & Ashley!

Mystie & Slinky =)

Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 10:16:35 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Help with rash

Hi all,
  I am getting pretty frustrated with Ashley 
rashing out from the tape.  I'm 
hoping someone here will have some secret on how 
to get around this.  We have 
tried everything.  You may remember I posted 
about this a couple of weeks 
ago.  Well, since then we have tried different 
tapes.  Also we are using the 
bard.  I am thinking now that alot of the problem 
maybe the tape around the 
infusion set itself.  What can we do about that?  
Also another problem we are 
having is that the sets are only lasting a day or 
maybe 2.  All of the sudden 
Ashley will have a blood sugar of 400 or 500.  
When I take the infusion set 
off the canula is bent & laying against her skin.  
How does this happen?  I 
can't see how it is getting out.  It had to have 
been inside in the first 
place because her numbers start off good.  This 
has been happening pretty 
frequently & I don't know what to do about it.  I 
will be calling minimed 
today about both problems(again) but, was hoping 
to get some help from some 
people who actually may have some idea of what I 
am going through.
Could you please also reply to me personally 
about this.  I am on digest.
Thanx so much.
 Kim...........Mom of Ashley 10 yrs old(diabetic 
for 5 years & pumping 
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