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[IP] A1C question related to BS average

The A1C is about 8 times more sensitive to high than low BS.  So if 
you are averaging 140, that means you lilely  have many readings 
above 200.  These highs count a lot in the A1C.  With the pump, a 
good goal is to aim to eliminate all BGs above 200.    Everyone is a 
little different with regard to how the BG translates into A1C, but 
with a bit more focus you should be able to easily get into the 6's. 
You should be able to get a BG average closer to 125 (or lower) now 
that you are on a pump.

>>>>>>>>>>Since using the D-Tron pump in 11/00 I have lowered my BS 
>>>>>>>>>>average on the One
Touch Ultra Meter by quite a bit.  However, the A!C hasn't come down as I
thought it would to correlate.  I test 10-13 times a day and the avg is about
139-143 for a 2 week period over several months.  The A!C seems to stay about
7.3 or 7.4.  I had always read that an A!C of lower than 7 would be
associated with an avg. of lower than about 150.  My goal is to have A!C's in
the 6 range.  What is anyone's experience with the correlating BS avg.?
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