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[IP] Re: surgery & pumping

There's a lot to be said for leaving the pump on during minor 
surgery, but major surgery is a different matter.  When I had major 
surgery last year, I'm glad I was disconnected.   Two good reasons 
for disconnecting:
1.  I was asleep for several hours, and feeling high with the pain 
killers for another 24--not sure if I would have done my bolusing 
properly to match my IV diet;
  2.  the stress of surgery can do nasty things to BG, so even the 
basals are not likely to be useful in the days post major surgery.
    The plan which worked just fine was for the nurses to check BG 
every 4-6 h and inject Regular accordingly if the BG was over 200 
(which it always was).   It was for a day like the old pre-pump 
roller coaster days, but much much safer than trying to fiddle with a 
pump by a groggy pumper, or a naive nurse or spouse trying to figure 
out how to adjust the pump.  When I was sober about a day+ later, I 
put in a silhouette and started pumping.    But I needed to double 
the basal rate for a few days.

>>>I read the message of an individual who had surgery and left his pump on.
In my case I took it off just before I was put to sleep and reconnected when
I awoke.  The University of Virginia Medical Center at Charlottesville bless
their hearts were not quite sure what to do.  They gave me shots during the
first 12 hours of recovery and when I assured them as long as I knew my bG
rate I could pump they then felt comfortable enough to just give me the

The best reply to any dr. who wants the pump stopped during surgery: Is it
customary to remove the pancreas of a non-DMer? Explaining Humalog & pumping
helps a lot.>>>>>>>
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