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[IP] Re: Tom and cataract surgery

Tom -

Lucky you with your cataract surgery experience.  I can't say the same.  I
had one eye done a year ago and am loathe to go through it again.  Here's

- drops before, during, & weeks after the surgery several times a day (but
this is small potatoes)
- no makeup 2 days before and weeks after the surgery (tough if you look
like he.. without it!)
- no bending, no lifting for an undetermined period of time
- sugars were out of whack (high!) for a week (this was pre-pump)
- my vision in the affected eye got worse and required a stronger
prescription lens (vision often changes after cataract surgery, but not
usually for the worse)
- got sick and threw up on the way out of the office to go home, could
barely keep my breakfast and lunch down.  (As I said, this was pre-pump and
was a problem.) Had no appetite for the whole day
- didn't really feel myself for a week (weak, legs wobbly, etc.)
- my eye was patched, so I couldn't drive for the post-op exam.  Wasn't
yours?? I wouldn't have felt comfortable anyway.
- Weeks after the surgery, my reading vision indeed improved (with the
stronger lens for the aphacic eye), but at night, where I used to see a
halo effect from car headlights, now I see laser beams coming from all
directions.  That is annoying and disruptive, and for that reason I'm
reluctant to have the other eye done.  The doctor says (of course) that
when the other eye is done that "laser" effect will cease.  I'm not

A year later, I still have that laser effect.  Of course, I still drive at
night.  I have to.  Oh, and I missed 3 1/2 days of work.  Everyone's
experience is different, and mine does seem to be one of the more
unpleasant ones.

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