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RE: [IP] doctor's visit

My endo didn't tell me not to check when driving or when I didn't feel well.
She just told me not to check 2 1/2 hrs all the time after I eat.

She thinks I am bolusing for highs at that time which I don't and explained
my log to her.

What drove me nuts was the night before I had bolused for dinner and a half
hour later I bolused because I ate a moon pie and then three hours later
because I ate some peanuts and she says "look, why did you bolus all those
times"?  And I said, see, I ate something!!!  I think my log is confusing
her because I write everything down....

This is my tool of defense to see how different foods affect my system but
she can't understand that.  I don't know what her problem is...it's my
fingers getting poked not hers!!!

I don't do driving into Clearwater.  It is very crowded and congested and I
have problems reading street signs and unless I know exactly where I'm
going, my husband has to take off of work to bring me into Clearwater.  If I
get stuck when it turns dark I am up the creek w/o a paddle, ditto for if I
get stuck in a violent rain storm.

I can trust myself to drive locally because I know how long it takes to get
from here to there and where to pull off the road if I get stuck in bad rain
but my eyes aren't in the best of shape.

I do drive into Tampa but I avoid the highways and take state roads and
local roads and even then, when I get close to Moffit, the traffic gets nuts
there as well.  I have no perepheal vision and it makes driving stressful
for me in crowded streets.

Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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