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[IP] Re: surgery & pumping

>>Hi Jan:
Glad to know you're home and doing ok.  How did the surgery turn out?  Are
they telling you to use it so that it starts to heal and all?

>>From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best and success.  How long
do you wait now until you start dialysis?

Huge hugs to  you.
>>Kathy Bruckmeyer

I have a soft cast that's pretty heavy cuz I'm not allowed to bend my elbow.
I have to hold it up with my rt hand - tooooo painful if lowered. I have a
drawer pulled out sitting here w/3 toss pillows on for arm to rest on. I'm
to keep it elevated - best if above my heart. I'm on Vicodin and get
stitches out the 5th. I'm holding a nuked (14 secs) washcloth to warm my

Since he couldn't find a good artery & vein to do a fistula he had to also
go to my under forearm & put in a graft (fake vein). My understading is this
one will take 6 mos. b4 it can be used for dialysis.

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