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[IP] Re: surgery & pumping

>>>I read the message of an individual who had surgery and left his pump on.
In my case I took it off just before I was put to sleep and reconnected when
I awoke.  The University of Virginia Medical Center at Charlottesville bless
their hearts were not quite sure what to do.  They gave me shots during the
first 12 hours of recovery and when I assured them as long as I knew my bG
rate I could pump they then felt comfortable enough to just give me the

I'll take a moment and try to type this (1 handed). I did get to talk
w/anesth  the day b4 surgery. He wanted me to lower my basal (i fogot to
explain Humalog). I'm on 0.7 from 9a-mdn. For 3 hrs prior I run 1.0. He
wanted me at 0.4 during the cutup. At 3a.m. i was 130. At 6 a.m. 213 (no
change in basal). Before surgery 184. He asked then if I lowered? I told him
no and I wasn't going to. He was concerned abot the dawn phen rate. I said
it finished at 9a.m. and surgery 10:45. He reluctantly agreed. In the
recovery rm Nan the CDE did the BG = 164.

The best reply to any dr. who wants the pump stopped during surgery: Is it
customary to remove the pancreas of a non-DMer? Explaining Humalog & pumping
helps a lot.

My hugsband is here & has dinner ready and my arm is hurting more so I'll
quit on this post. (~_^)

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