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[IP] Cataract Surgery

On Wednesday Oct. 24 I had surgery on my left eye to replace the 
cataracted lens. Everything went well. I appeared at 730AM and by
1000AM I was at home. Local anesthesia was used.

Contrary to all that I had heard from other people who had had
cataract surgery, I have very few restrictions. Quoting from the
printed sheet of post-operative instructions: "After your surgery, you
may be up and around. You may resume normal activity. You may bend
over and you may lift. You may take showers and baths. You may wash
your hair, but avoid water in the eye as much as possible for the
first few days. No swimming pools or hot tubs for one week. (Ladies
may wear eye makeup after three days.) You may read, write, watch TV,
etc. You may use your eyes as much as you like...If you feel
comfortable with your vision, you may drive the day after surgery."

I have experienced no discomfort except for what felt like a hair in
my eye when I blinked (relieved by Tylenol). This morning I was
comfortable driving to the doctor's office (3 miles each way) for
post-op exam, and this afternoon I drove 10 miles (each way) to a
bicycle shop, including 5 miles on the freeway.I believe there are
several different surgical techniques used for cataract surgery, so

It seemed like they gave me several rounds of eye drops of several
different types. I have to use one drop of Prednisolone Sodium
Phosphate Ophthalmic Solution four times a day for about six weeks.
Since this is a steroid I am expecting my insulin requirements to
increase, and I will have to play it by ear.

I had no food or water after midnight before the surgery. Their BG
measurements were lower than mine (Ultra) by enough that they wanted
to administer IV glucose (slowly, they claimed) so I figured I had
better let them. The Ultra measured 167 at 600AM and 136 at 1000AM. By
noon it was down to 74 and I had a ham sandwich, celery and apple for

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, age 68, pump since 1995
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