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[IP] Diabetic Pregnancy WHOA!!!

Lisa & Dal,

I recently went through being pg.  I had a healthy baby girl in January and
hope to do it again soon.  She was 3 weeks early and 6 1/2 lbs, water broke
naturally, delivered vaginally with my pump on throughout delivery, and I am
successfully breast feeding and will continue until she is one.  It was the
toughest thing I have ever done.  12+ finger sticks a day.  Bolusing so many
times I was dizzy.  Even my endo couldn't handle all the numbers and
information I was tracking in my log.  The one thing I remember was that
before being pg, if I had a pattern change for 3 days in a row I would
modify my basals.  When I was pregnant, I couldn't wait that long because my
basals needed to be modified all the time.  One funky day and I would make a
change.  I bought a Timex watch with a countdown timer and would set it when
I was done eating for an hour.  When it went off I would test and correct.
This worked well for me because I didn't have to remember to test later.  I
use humalog, btw.  I kept my a1c around 5.5 - 5.7.  I used to laugh when I
would hear pg friends complain about this or that.  They had no clue what
tough really is.

Good luck, and you can email me privately if you want.

Minimed 507c since 12/99
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