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Re: [IP] 7 days left

Subject: Re: [IP] 7 days left

I have been on a pump for all of three days now.  Started with insulin and
was extremely nervous.  The numbers are no worse than they were pre-pump and
as my dosage is "dialed-in" I expect that they will get to be significantly

If nothing else, having to think through what is being eaten so that each
bolus can be set has made me more conscious of my eating and its results.
I'm not sure that I see any benefit to starting with saline as all you are
really doing is delaying the moment when you step off of the cliff and start
pumping insulin.

Hang in there.

At 09:07 AM 10/24/2001 , you wrote:
>Only one week until I start using the pump! My MM nurse just called to
>confirm an appoint for next week at the Doc's Office. I do have a question
>though, She said I would be starting with Insulin and not practicing with
>the saline first, unless i feel uncomfortable with this. Are there pros
>and cons for starting on saline first vs. straight to Insulin. I've been
>playing with my pump for weeks now and do have a good grasp on all the
>features. So, as of now I'm planning to jump right in with the insulin.
>Take care,

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