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[IP] Finally getting the Pump!

I recently joined this web site, and when I joined I wrote to Michael  
Robinton asking for any suggestions on how to make the insurance company to 
understand the need for a pump for my son.  He is 10 and half years - 
diabetice since Aug. 2000, and decent control, also has a great attitude, and 
understand almost as much as I do about this disease.  
In July, we got my son's doctor to approve him for a pump.  I thought that 
was going to be the hard, she is very particular on who she recommends.  She 
wants to make they understand counting carbs and diabetes in general, also 
why they want the pump.  Well I thought since the doctor prescribed it - it 
would be approve without no problems.  Every time I called they wanted some 
more information from someone,  I was getting very frustrated and thats when 
I found this site.  So I took Michael advice and really made the insurance 
Medical Director understand that I was going to make this happen and all the 
reason why it should.  I would call almost everyday, either the insurance 
Company, The pump company, the pump dispensing company or the diabetic nurse. 
 Well today I finally was told that it was approved!!!!!! So in about 2 -3 
weeks my son will  be starting the pump! Mini-Med 508, I believe.  
Thanks Michael for all your advice, and yes the book Pumping Insulin is great 
also. Just anyone out there, who has problems with their insurance companies, 
keep on them and expect them to provide them with medical coverage that they 
should have.  I have a very high deductible on everything, but its okay, 
because at least part of the pump will be covered.  I am just thankful for 
them to see it my way - the right way! 
Sherry Eshein 
Adam's mom , hopefully he will be pumping in Nov. 2001  
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