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[IP] Restaurant food portions

Hi everyone,
After reading about Melissa's experience at Hoss's, thought I'd share how
Hubby and I have handled similar situations when unable to do the proverbial
Doggy Bag.  We, too, always want to not waste food (oh yeah, arrive home with
Doggy Bag in hand, grab pen to write on or make label with restaurant's name,
date, contents).
First, we confirm that there are indeed smaller portions (sometimes just
children's, but sometimes seniors' and if so then problem solved for us).
Second, if there's just a children's menu, we'll very nicely ask if we can
have that portion size, but know that the cost may need to be more than listed
on the children's menu since we realize children's menus may have prices that
are less than the true cost amount as a way to help out parents.  I can't
think of any instance where this has been refused, and I'd say 90% of the
time, the cost is not increased, we just pay the children's amount.
Perhaps using the same tact for even a seniors' menu if you're just one of the
younger set might work.   As we all know, a business looks at the bottom line,
but without satisfied customers there's gonna be a very poor bottom line.  We
feel our solution looks at the problem from both sides: food amount, cost to
serve amount.
We also have ordered just side amounts of foods to make smaller portions.  In
some of the more "fancy" restaurants, they'll even cut the meat/fish/poultry
to a desired ounce weight, measure/weigh quantities of other foods upon
request (yeah, having had to follow specific measured amounts of everything
for past kidney stone testing).  Another thought might be to "split" a meal
with a friend, but let the friend maybe order extra sides then help with any
extra cost.
We think how Melissa was treated is inexcusable, and this gives her an
opportunity to "educate" a business in some customer needs.
Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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