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Re: [IP] Re: Glucose meters ...arrcchhhgggh!

> Okay, folks, I need some of your expert input on this.
> What's the deal with different brands of glucose meters giving very
> disparate readings within seconds of each other?  I've been using a
> One Touch Basic (is that outdated already?) but wanted another meter
> to keep at work so I wouldn't have to keep lugging the same one
> around.  So I grabbed an AtLast metering system (a sample) from my
> doctor's office and ordered gobs of lancets and strips to use with
> it.
> Trouble is, I get different readings from the two meters, when one
> sample is taken directly after the other!  And I mean 12-15 points
> difference! What's the deal here?  I did read somewhere that the
> AtLast system, which uses samples from the forearm, is only good for
> fasting bgs, but all I've done have been fasting, and still there is
> a significant discrepancy.  Can anyone help explain this?

1) Most of the new meters are calibrated to give plasma glucose 
levels while the one touch provides whole blood levels -- these are 
different by about 10- 15% -- with the one touch (whole blood) 
reading higher
2) Absolute accuracy of meters compared to a lab 
standard is only required to be within 20% ... if you had two 
identical meters they probably would not give you the same reading. 
AND... the same meter may not give you the same reading with blood 
from the same sample on two subsequent evaluations.

3) never compare meters, it will give you a headache :-)

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