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Re: [IP] 7 days left


My "trainer" was not a CDE and I started on saline which lasted for a day 
and a half. Wasn't "reasonable" doing both (at least to me).

Going on insulin was a couple of weeks later.

One thing I chose to do was stop all long acting insulin so there was no 
residual about 36 hours before "going live".  I need to be clear that I 
substituted injections of velosulin every 4 to 6 hours for the long acting 
insulin.  It made for a very easy change over....

Jim S.

At 09:07 AM 10/24/2001 , you wrote:
>Only one week until I start using the pump! My MM nurse just called to 
>confirm an appoint for next week at the Doc's Office. I do have a question 
>though, She said I would be starting with Insulin and not practicing with 
>the saline first, unless i feel uncomfortable with this. Are there pros 
>and cons for starting on saline first vs. straight to Insulin. I've been 
>playing with my pump for weeks now and do have a good grasp on all the 
>features. So, as of now I'm planning to jump right in with the insulin.
>Take care,
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