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Re: [IP] 7 days left

At 12:07 PM 10/24/2001, you wrote:
>Only one week until I start using the pump! My MM nurse just called to 
>confirm an appoint for next week at the Doc's Office. I do have a question 
>though, She said I would be starting with Insulin and not practicing with 
>the saline first, unless i feel uncomfortable with this. Are there pros 
>and cons for starting on saline first vs. straight to Insulin. I've been 
>playing with my pump for weeks now and do have a good grasp on all the 
>features. So, as of now I'm planning to jump right in with the insulin.

Go for it. A key reason for starting with saline is to avoid accidents if 
you are confused with operating the pump. It does not sound like that is a 
problem. However, if you want to make the extra effort and get 80% of the 
benefit of using saline you could just start wearing the pump right now. 
with out an infusion set. Handle it and bolus with it as if you were hooked up.

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