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[IP] Some News And A Gripe (Long)

>>Sorry, I get doggy bags. WE have absolute power over what we shovel into our
mouths and this is like me asking my bank to do all my housework
(Financially) for me. I keep my own records and same with restaurants and

Why not make friends with Tupperware or Glad storage tubs and bring one or
two along? You can re-heat in a nuke for a bit and have another meal.

I guess I'm just too "proud" to make a fuss at a restaurant and be so
'different'. If diabetes can be lived with, we should do just that: Live
with it.<<

I see Jenny's point. I am the queen of leftovers now. However, when I was in
college we could not take food with us back to the dorms. At least for me it
was dicey. I could not afford a dorm fridge, so I had to keep everything in
the "communal" fridge in the main kitchen. Many foods were stolen or
destroyed by someone's prank. I even had insulin stolen. So, I learned not
to take perishable food back with me. Not only that, but it would have been
easier on everyone for the server to accommodate her special request than it
was to refuse her and treat her rudely.
Amy B. Anderson
Apple Product Professional

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