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Re: [IP] Re: Glucose meters ...arrcchhhgggh!

> What's the deal with different brands of glucose
> meters giving very
> disparate readings within seconds of each other? 

You're going to get a bunch of replies saying 'do not
compare different meter readings'.  To a certain
extent, this is very true. I was going to switch from
my One Touch Profile to the free Freestyle I had
received but I was uncomfortable with the sometimes
100 mg/dl difference in readings. I read that the One
Touch Ultra was the new hot meter so I ordered one of
those (practically free with rebate). There was hardly
any difference in readings between the Profile and the
Ultra, so I made the switch much more comfortably. 
Even though you're really not supposed to compare
readings between meters, I think it's important to
realize patterns: for example the Freestyle always
read higher than the Profile,  which would signify for
a while at least, I might want to be really careful
about hypoglycemic episodes. In the end I was happier
with something more similar to my meter. I was lucky
to have an accurate meter to begin with, I guess.

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