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RE: [IP] Re: Glucose meters ...arrcchhhgggh!

email @ redacted wrote:

>>>Trouble is, I get different readings from the two meters, when one sample
is taken directly after the other!  And I mean 12-15 points difference!<<<

I hope this works - I'm writing from a computer at the American Public Health Association meeging in Atlanta.

Twelve to fifteen points difference is not a significant difference - that is these readings are well within the standards of precision for home glucose meters.

I've posted fairly extensively on this before so you might want to check the archives.

The basic rule of thumb is that home glucose meters are precise to about +/- 20%.  Another rule of thumb is that home readings should not be compared to one another, but only against a standard laboratory test.

More later if you wish (when I get home or back to my office).

Jim Handsfield
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email @ redacted

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