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[IP] Re: Glucose meters ...arrcchhhgggh!

Okay, folks, I need some of your expert input on this.

What's the deal with different brands of glucose meters giving very
disparate readings within seconds of each other?  I've been using a One
Touch Basic (is that outdated already?) but wanted another meter to keep at
work so I wouldn't have to keep lugging the same one around.  So I grabbed
an AtLast metering system (a sample) from my doctor's office and ordered
gobs of lancets and strips to use with it.

Trouble is, I get different readings from the two meters, when one sample
is taken directly after the other!  And I mean 12-15 points difference!
What's the deal here?  I did read somewhere that the AtLast system, which
uses samples from the forearm, is only good for fasting bgs, but all I've
done have been fasting, and still there is a significant discrepancy.  Can
anyone help explain this?

Thanks so much,
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