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Re: [IP] Pump training

	I am a patient at Joslin Diabetes Center, at the University of Maryland
Hospital. The pump program there consists of up to 4 classes
(introduction, basic carb counting, intense hands-on practice with all 3
pump manufacturers, and advanced carb counting. After  these you have 1
- 2 one-on-one meetings with the CDE who is a specialist in pumping. By
the time you are finished, you know your pump inside and out, and
understand not only what you are doing, but, more importantly, why. I
believe the chances of success are increased dramatically over one who
just goes to a doctor, orders a pump, receives same, talks to a
manufacturer's rep for a few hours, and then is essentially on his/her
	I can't speak for the Helwig program, but I have found the Joslin
classes interesting and informative. I was also impressed with the
"even-ness" of their approach to pump selection. Reading the list, I see
where so many doctors/clinics etc. strongly favor one pump, to the
exclusion of the others. Other than the Dahedi, which is strongly
discouraged, we were given the opportunity to handle, program, adjust,
setup, etc. all three major manufacturers' pumps. We were shown the
advantages, and disadvantages, of each. We were provided with all 3
training videos and books, and encouraged to contact the manufactures
for additional information to allow us to make a fully informed choice.
	At this point I am leaning toward the Animus R1000 pump, as I believe
its features are best suited for my needs. I also like the comprehensive
ezManager software, which, during the next two months, is supplied with
each Animus pump, along with a Palm Pilot m100 free of charge.
	Good luck with the program, and keep an open mind. I have been a
diabetic for nearly 12 years, and have learned more through these
classes than I ever knew before.

Mike Nolan

A. Michael Nolan
Administrative Law Judge
Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings
11101 Gilroy Rd.
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031-1301
410.229.4137	Fax: 410.229.4111
email @ redacted

email @ redacted wrote:
>  I have a question, has any one gone through pump training at "Helwig
> Diabetes Center" or any other diabetes center. Why do you go to 3 classes
> before you even take the pump with you? The classes are one day a week so
> that means 3 more weeks before they even start training with the pump. I was
> told the first class to bring my testing things and nothing else. I hope I am
> not going to have to set through classes for new diabetics again.I know I
> should up date my information every now and then but I did less then a year
> ago.Does any one know what these classes could be about? Any information
> would be great.
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