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[IP] re: Some News And A Gripe - rude restaurant

<<From: Melissa Collins <email @ redacted>
Then, right after she said that, she (rudely) told me
that in the future if I ever wanted to eat at any
Hoss's, I had to provide them with a doctor's excuse
or if I wanted to "make things easier" I'd have to
send a written doctors excuse to their national
headquarters (she gave me their address) for a special
card.  She said I had to do this to PROVE to her that
I was a diabetic and that I actually couldn't eat such
large portions of food.>>

You're so busy - how wonderful that you're involved in
so many things.  College is the time for that.  Later
you get to be involved in other people's stuff (work,

As for Hoss's, I would certainly write to the national
headquarters, but I sure wouldn't ask for a card to
prove anything.  I would comment on the poor customer
service that you received at the location you were at,
and include the server's name if possible.  If the company
is truly managed by good people, they will want to know
and will want to make sure that their servers do not
ask customers to prove anything (except for legal age
for drinking, perhaps).  Otherwise, I would say that you
had already mentioned this to your 3000+ friends on a
diabetes list.  I'll bet that they will want to make
it up to you somehow.  It feels rude to complain, but
if you don't, it just allows ignorant people to follow
stupid rules instead of getting the rules changed to
really serve the customer.

Good luck in your busy semester!
Shelly V, Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/01, dx'd 10/99

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