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[IP] Cold Winters

Where I live, we sometimes see -55 without the windchill (but that was a
really cold winter).  This is also my first winter with the pump, so here's
my plan.

1.  keep it under my clothes, next to my body if possible, when outside
(hey, it worked for my sister's horn in high school parades.)
2.  when shoveling, remove the pump totally.  usually have lots of problems
going low after shoveling, anyway.  have to check to see if i need to bolus.
3.  when skating, bolus and then disconnect if the rink is indoors.  keep
the pump under my clothes if the rink is outdoors.  don't ski so not worried
about that.

During the winter, my insulin requirements are generally lower.  has anyone
has experience with needing to do basal changes?  Must be the intense
shivering, or the additional caloric requirements of maintaining an adequate
body temperature. (LOL).

So far this year, can't complain.  First snow due in the next few days.
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