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Re: [IP] Some News And A Gripe (Long)

> So, I tried to order the kids meal.  Of course, the
> lady there told me I couldn't do that since I was too
> old.  I explained to her that I didn't want to waste
> any food and that I was a diabetic anyway and the
> adult size portions weren't healthy for me and I
> couldn't eat them.  Again, she told me I couldn't do
> that.  So, I told my friends I couldn't eat there.  My
> friends (who had already ordered) and I started to
> leave when she agreed to letting me order it, which I
> was thankful for.
> Then, right after she said that, she (rudely) told me
> that in the future if I ever wanted to eat at any
> Hoss's, I had to provide them with a doctor's excuse
> or if I wanted to "make things easier" I'd have to
> send a written doctors excuse to their national
> headquarters (she gave me their address) for a special
> card.  She said I had to do this to PROVE to her that
> I was a diabetic and that I actually couldn't eat such
> large portions of food.
> Now, I understand the business standpoint here: some
> people might order the cheaper kids meal and then take
> adult portions from the buffet area of the resteraunt.
> I understand that.  But what I'm griping about is how
> rude she was (even my friends got upset at how she was
> treating me) AND why do I have to prove to anyone I'm
> diabetic?  I mean, I COULD show her all my
> fingerpricks, infusion set sites, my pump, etc., but
> what's the point?  I know this sounds petty, but I
> don't see what's wrong with ordering such a meal if I
> pay for it and I truly can't eat a meal at such bigger
> portions.  I wouldn't even have minded it if they had
> told me that I couldn't even eat the buffet - I just
> wanted a dinner that I could eat without wasting any
> food or cause any hassles....
Sorry, I get doggy bags. WE have absolute power over what we shovel into our
mouths and this is like me asking my bank to do all my housework
(Financially) for me. I keep my own records and same with restaurants and

Why not make friends with Tupperware or Glad storage tubs and bring one or
two along? You can re-heat in a nuke for a bit and have another meal.

I guess I'm just too "proud" to make a fuss at a restaurant and be so
'different'. If diabetes can be lived with, we should do just that: Live
with it.

Jenny Sutherland
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