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[IP] Some News And A Gripe (Long)

Hey everyone!  Just thought I'd let you know how I was
doing and why I haven't been in to chat in a looong
time.  I haven't forgotten anyone, just haven't really
had the time to come in and chat....  :-(

This semester has been really busy, not to mention
interesting.  I started out with 16 credits but I had
to drop a class due to its large (and I mean LARGE)
volume of work added onto the enormous school pile I
have in the first place.  (Plus I wanted to still be
able to be involved in other activities on campus.)

In addition to classes, I am doing workstudy again
this semester at the school's health center, and
things are going pretty well for that.  In fact, right
now I am working on our diabetes web page, which
should be ready for publishing before the end of the
semester.  Also, the school has a new dietician, who
not only is a diabetic, but who also is a CDE AND a
certified pump trainer for all of the pumps from all 3
companies!  (What can I say, I STILL and ALWAYS will
enjoy talking about pumps with people....)  :-)

One last bit of interesting news that is school
related (in diabetes terms) is that I may possibly get
to do an internship with the diabetes nurse consultant
for our state's department of health!  I have a
meeting with her on November 6th, and to tell you all
the truth, I really like the idea so far.  We'll see
how that goes, but I am especially curious about all
the little details that I know I'm going to have to
wait to find out about.  

In addition to all of that, I am bowling in a Thursday
night league (don't ask how my team is doing), plus I
have band practice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
and performances for the next two Saturdays.  After
that, I'll have A LOT more time on my hands since
marching band becomes concert band and technically is
over for the semester.  

As if that isn't enough, I am riding on Monday nights
right after band, I have fraternity "stuff" during the
week AND (yes, I'm not done yet!) I'm in the process
of pledging another fraternity this semester as well. 
Sound busy enough for you guys? ;-) 

Other "great" things that have happened is that I got
my flu shot and bloodwork done early last week.  I am
planning on calling my CDE tomorrow, so I'm hoping my
results are better that what I'm dreading right at the
moment.  Also, I got to attend a pumper's club meeting
for my area, and I got to see a D-TRON and Animas pump
"up close and personal" for the first time.  

After seeing those two pumps, I've decided to ask my
endo when I see him in January if I can do a saline
trial of the D-TRON, Animas pump and Paradigm since I
haven't really been hearing my alarms for my pump and
I don't want to have another system alarm or battery
alarm go off in the middle of the night and me miss it
like I've done this semester....

Before I go, I do have a diabetes-resteraunt gripe to
make.  I know this is going to sound strange and
petty, but a few weeks ago, a small group of friends
of mine and I wanted to eat at Hoss's for dinner. 
When we got there, I looked at the menu and saw the
portion sizes and "Wow!" was all that came to mind....
 A half-pounder cheeseburger was the smallest meal
they offered.  I was in shock.  Even their appetizers
were a complete meal size for me.   I mean, I know I
am on the pump and can bolus for all that food, but 1)
it isn't really healthy for me to eat THAT much and 2)
I don't have quite the stomach to eat all that food
even if I wanted to.

So, I tried to order the kids meal.  Of course, the
lady there told me I couldn't do that since I was too
old.  I explained to her that I didn't want to waste
any food and that I was a diabetic anyway and the
adult size portions weren't healthy for me and I
couldn't eat them.  Again, she told me I couldn't do
that.  So, I told my friends I couldn't eat there.  My
friends (who had already ordered) and I started to
leave when she agreed to letting me order it, which I
was thankful for.  

Then, right after she said that, she (rudely) told me
that in the future if I ever wanted to eat at any
Hoss's, I had to provide them with a doctor's excuse
or if I wanted to "make things easier" I'd have to
send a written doctors excuse to their national
headquarters (she gave me their address) for a special
card.  She said I had to do this to PROVE to her that
I was a diabetic and that I actually couldn't eat such
large portions of food.

Now, I understand the business standpoint here: some
people might order the cheaper kids meal and then take
adult portions from the buffet area of the resteraunt.
 I understand that.  But what I'm griping about is how
rude she was (even my friends got upset at how she was
treating me) AND why do I have to prove to anyone I'm
diabetic?  I mean, I COULD show her all my
fingerpricks, infusion set sites, my pump, etc., but
what's the point?  I know this sounds petty, but I
don't see what's wrong with ordering such a meal if I
pay for it and I truly can't eat a meal at such bigger
portions.  I wouldn't even have minded it if they had
told me that I couldn't even eat the buffet - I just
wanted a dinner that I could eat without wasting any
food or cause any hassles....

Anyway, that's my latest news.  Sorry this post has
been so long, too.  (Just like old times, eh?)  I will
try to attend at least one chat beginning sometime the
week of November 5th, but unfortunately, Monday night
chats are really difficult do do right now.  *Makes
whimpering sounds*  Until then, I hope everyone is
doing well and I can't wait to chat again!  :-)

*Pump hugs*

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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