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[IP] Re: neuropathy

Vitamin B shots in general should only be taken if you have a deficiency in
Vitamin B12 or pernicious anemia.  In the not so distant past, doctors gave
people shots for neuropathy, but the high doses of B vitamins in the shots
can cause further damage to your nerves. Most people who seek drug therapy
wind up taking antiepileptics (like neurontin), antidepressants (Zoloft, or
impramine/desipramine), narcotics (vicodin, darvocet, or ultram) or
anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS or naproxen sodium.)
Very brave people often use capsaicin as an OTC method (although if I used
it, I would have "aye Chihuahuas" instead of my eyes.)  You can also try
ibuprofen, Tylenol or aspirin if you manage to make an appointment with a
doctor who only books patients three months in advance and just need to make
it until then.
I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy almost as long as I have
been diabetic, and I have also had some alternative therapies.  While I was
"shopping" for pain specialist doctors, I bought a used TENZ machine, it
sends tiny shocks in you wherever you attach the pads connected to its
wires.  I can say that I looked silly, bought it gave me temporary relief.
A doctor signed me up for twelve visits with a physical therapist in which
insurance paid for me to have my back rubbed and ultrasound massaged and
moisturised with hot steamy towels.  This probably only helped me with
relaxing my muscles.  Recently, I went to physical therapy and did very low
level excersize (little old ladies from the nursing home next door to the PT
raced past me.  My focus in this therapy was to correct posture and I can
honestly say that of the non drug related treatments, doing exercize with
someone watching to make sure I was just standing straight or maintaining
"good form" really helped the most for the longest amount of time for me.
Any way, here I just listed some options that people pursue, I am sure there
are others, but I advise everyone to go home and look up whatever is
prescribed to you and find out what you can so that you know what you are
getting into.
Well good luck!
Katy Hawes
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