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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #524

I read the message of an individual who had surgery and left his pump on.  In 
my case I took it off just before I was put to sleep and reconnected when I 
awoke.  The University of Virginia Medical Center at Charlottesville bless 
their hearts were not quite sure what to do.  They gave me shots during the 
first 12 hours of recovery and when I assured them as long as I knew my bG 
rate I could pump they then felt comfortable enough to just give me the 

I am looking for some correspondence from people who may have a similar 
sequence as myself.  Depending on my emotional state and that can be high or 
low I can sustain from not eating most of the time.  Then I will eat the 
wrong foods and basically go nutso for a day or two and then pull back again. 
 I used to say I was not a diabetic for a day.  I respond to sugar like it is 
a force.  It makes me aggressive and charge forth....then grumpy.  Sugar is 
like street cocaine to me and I have never even had such a drug.  Do any of 
you out there have the ups and downs with emotion based on types of carbs and 
food intakes and not least of all issues in our daily lives?   
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