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Re: [IP] Diabetic Pregnancy WHOA!!!

Lisa and Ken,
 I have two kids.  A son born 1988 when I was in the
honeymoon period.  Got pregnant 6 months after being
diagnosed with diabetes. ( did u know that diabetes is
a leading cause for infertility) My sugars were easy
to control and if I got over 150 I was out walking. 
Then after deciding it was ok to have an only child my
daughter came along. At 41yrs old and having diabetes
for 5 years things were a little different. My sugars
were terrible (14%Hacl) in the first trimester and
didn't get much better. I was at Hershey Medical
Center ( a teaching hospital) and they never seemed
that concerned.  I would cry and tell them I wasn't
going to ever have another chance to have another
baby, etc. They would tell me as long as I was trying
to do the right things that's all I could do. (And
look at that girl over there she's drinking chocolate
milk!!! She's not trying!!) My  morning sugars were in
the 400's. I would work all day to get them down.  I
had chronic diarrhea in the middle of the night,
bleeding at 27 weeks, low lying placenta, and numerous
other problems.  I worried but yet mentally I felt
great(my mother always said she felt her best during
her 5 pregnancies) Maybe power of suggestion. And to
make a long story short I have a beautiful, smart,
funny 8year old daughter. One thing I would encourage
is to breastfeed.
If this disease is caused by a virus then
breastfeediing may send along some very important
antibodies to keep it at bay in our children.  My kids
nursed until they were 3 and 4 yrs old.  Join a La
Leche group, At first I thought they were ecentric but
soon I realized how in touch they are with children's
needs. And mom's too. Good luck !
questions send e-mails direct.

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