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[IP] Aloe Vera juice

I had posted that my pharmacist had read that Aloe Vera juice, and Super 
Papaya Enzyme, were possibilities for treating my gastro. I had asked him 
quite awhile ago for a replacement of propulsid, and he had remembered.

I picked up a gallon at the drug store, at $9.99, and have been using it 
for the last few days.  YMMV but this has been a help.  I have stopped 
taking my erythromycin and feel no worse, and maybe a little better.  I 
have been drinking about 8 ounces/day, with a little before each meal and 
at bed time.  I am going to cut down to about 4 ounces and see if there is 
a difference.  They recommend 4 to 6 ounces.  After I try out this for 
awhile I will try the papaya enzyme.  They don't have it at the drug store, 
so I will have to get it at a vitamin store.

I don't recommend this as a replacement for anything, but it doesn't hurt 
to try it. YMMV

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
We're selling more Cipro in a day than we used to in a month. It's more 
popular than Viagra.
  - ALEX ORERGEL,a pharmacist in Tijuana, Mexico.
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