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Re: [IP] 10 Year Anniversary

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From: "Kate Patterson" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 3:54 PM
Subject: [IP] 10 Year Anniversary

> Ten years ago today, at the age of twelve, I went to the doctor with what
> thought was a yeast infection.  I didn't even think young girls who hadn't
> started menstrating got yeast infections.  I figured I would go to the
> doctor, he'd give me some kind of cream and I would be out of there.  The
> previous week my sister had broken her arm in three places.  Over the
> weekend my mom and I had opened "Steel Magnolias" at the community theater
> (oh, the irony).  So, I went to the doctor and she checked me out and then
> asked me to go to the lab to have some blood drawn.  Well, about the
> minutes later I found out that my blood sugar was 370 and that I had
> diabetes.  I spent the next three days learning everything about diabetes:
> what it is, how to check my blood sugar, how to give myself a shot, how to
> stick to a 1800 calorie diet, etc.  And though at the time I was bummed
> because Halloween was coming up, ten years later I have had no
> and have had only one bad low blood sugar incident (just ask my sister
> the time her older sister told her to kiss her rear and then smacked her
> the ground in the hotel room).  I am greatful for the new technology I
> with.  Three years ago I received Hugh, my first MiniMed 507C, and that
> things so much better.  I now live with Grant, a refurbished 507C, and I'm
> still going strong.  I have graduated from college, have a great job and
> controlling my diabetes better than ever.  So, if you would like, I am
> inviting all of you to celebrate this occasion with me by having one of
> favorite treats.  Me, I'm going to my favorite ice cream parlor to have a
> tripple scoop of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.  Good day to all!
> Kate Patterson
> dxd 10-22-91
> pumping since 07-28-98
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You are indeed a lucky kid, It would appear that pumping saved you a lot of
complications.keep pumping, stay well.  spot
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