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[IP] speaking with the anesthesiologist

Per instructions from this list (I *think* Tom Beatson) I requested to talk
to the anesthesiologist before tomorrow's surgery. They said (very
reluctantly) they'd know who Friday. No call. Today I went for labs and the
nurse had to go over my answers to their sheet. I said again that I wanted
to talk to him and a CDE told me who he'd be. She got ahold of him and came
to where I was and we talked about 15-20 min.  I had a pumping guidelines
for hospital admission (8 pages) to give him and he wanted me to go on my
mdnt-6 a.m. basal (0.4). After my dawn phenomenon basal (6-9 a.m. of 1.0)
and surgery is at 10:45 he I did agree to go to 0.5. I did warn him it will
beep 3x on the hour to remind of temp. basal rate.  He was pleased and
wanted to know if he could accidentally push something and it would give me
insulin. I showed him the steps (507C) and assured him he'd have to do the
sequences right and that would be highly unlikely.

So, I don't know at this time when I'll be able to type again so keep
pumping along. (~_^)

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