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Re: [IP] 10 Year Anniversary

Congratulations Kate!! My Ten year anniversary is next month! I was at 
college when diagnosed, it only took the medical center 3 weeks to 
figure it out. My sugar level was near 900 once the lab results came 
back after sending back to my dorm room(Can't believe that one). They 
actually gave me the option of going to the local hospital or going back 
home, 1-1/2 hours away as long as I didn't drive. I chose going home 
since the local hospital was located in the cornfields of Dekalb, 
Illinois.  Well, today I'm still using them needles doing good but i am 
waiting for training on my new 508 so I can do even better. As of right 
now my favorite treat would be some sugar free chocolate pudding. Maybe 
once i start using the pump that would change, maybe Atomic cake Yum yum

Take care all,

Michael English

Kate Patterson wrote:

> Ten years ago today, at the age of twelve, I went to the doctor with 
> what I thought was a yeast infection.  I didn't even think young girls 
> who hadn't started menstrating got yeast infections.  I figured I 
> would go to the doctor, he'd give me some kind of cream and I would be 
> out of there.  The previous week my sister had broken her arm in three 
> places.  Over the weekend my mom and I had opened "Steel Magnolias" at 
> the community theater (oh, the irony).  So, I went to the doctor and 
> she checked me out and then asked me to go to the lab to have some 
> blood drawn.  Well, about the thirty minutes later I found out that my 
> blood sugar was 370 and that I had diabetes.  I spent the next three 
> days learning everything about diabetes: what it is, how to check my 
> blood sugar, how to give myself a shot, how to stick to a 1800 calorie 
> diet, etc.  And though at the time I was bummed because Halloween was 
> coming up, ten years later I have had no complications and have had 
> only one bad low blood sugar incident (just ask my sister about the 
> time her older sister told her to kiss her rear and then smacked her 
> to the ground in the hotel room).  I am greatful for the new 
> technology I live with.  Three years ago I received Hugh, my first 
> MiniMed 507C, and that made things so much better.  I now live with 
> Grant, a refurbished 507C, and I'm still going strong.  I have 
> graduated from college, have a great job and am controlling my 
> diabetes better than ever.  So, if you would like, I am inviting all 
> of you to celebrate this occasion with me by having one of your 
> favorite treats.  Me, I'm going to my favorite ice cream parlor to 
> have a tripple scoop of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.  Good 
> day to all!
> Kate Patterson
> dxd 10-22-91
> pumping since 07-28-98
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